Started in 1970

In Port Sanilac Michigan 

Became Pastor in 2022

Co-Founded with Pastor Sam Combs  in 2011 

In Carsonville Michigan

Founded in 2015

In Marlette Michigan

Planted  in  Tawas City Michigan in 2021

Pastor Jim and Dr Keith Mino speaker at Memorial Day Service. Port Sanilac Cemetery 2023.  Keith was a great mentor of Pastor Jim for over 45 years, teacher, coach, and a US Marine.

July 4th Parade 2023

Being a spectacle for the Lord! 

Preaching the Word

 for we are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men. 

On the Street

Port Sanilac Aug 2023

The Team

Praying for a soul to be saved

Street Preaching

Aug 2023

Passing Out Tracts

Gospel Proclaimed

Serving the Lord


Brother Dave Hall and Brother  Dale passing out Bibles to the Kids in Marlette

Dave was promoted September 6th 2023, He is now present with his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ


Uncle Lyle

Present with the Lord!


Four Grandmas!

Grandpa and Vinny

Brother Mike 

Street Preaching Port Sanilac during our Old Fashion Revival Meeting


Brother Earl and Pastor Ross